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Echange High Wycombe

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  • London and the others activities

    Par Nathan GEZ, publié le vendredi 19 mai 2017 00:26 - Mis à jour le vendredi 19 mai 2017 00:26

    We came 2 times in London and one time at windsor and one time at the bowling. London was very cool because i love this city and sam and the others exchange brought us to very famous place and unknown places so it was interesting. In London i saw the other french people and i did some shopping. It was very fun. The bowling was really cool because i haven't done bowling before this time so it was a first time for me and i enjoyed it! But Sam lived far from Wycombe so it was hard to do some activities with the others. But i enjoyed all the littles trip we've done.

  • My placement

    Par Nathan GEZ, publié le vendredi 19 mai 2017 00:15 - Mis à jour le vendredi 19 mai 2017 00:15

    My placement was in a minimarket called Tara's News  in the north of High Wycombe. Every morning the father or the mother of my exchange drove us with my exchange and his cousin to the school of Sam and after to my placement. We had every morning 1 hour of travel and it was really long. But for Sam and Michael it was good because in normal times they have to take the bus and it's a 2 hour travel. The first day of my placement i met all the people of the place, Raaj (the boss), Janet, Nadeem, the father of Raaj and Drew (but everyone calls him Uncle). Raaj told me the basic principles of this job. There were 3 differents kinds of activity in this job, put the products in the departments or in the cellar, take care of the departments, and keep the checkout. This minimarket sold lots of differents products like food or wine or things for the house. It was a very diversified minimarket, because there is a post office and cashpoint and it's the only minimarket in the uk to have a coffee machine! The first day i came with a shirt and very smart clothes but i saw this shop is a familial shop and people don't care the way you get dressed so the others day i went with normal clothes, jean and hoodie. The wednesday Raaj show me an other aspect of his job: postman. All the wednesday morning we gave the newspapers to the people.Each day, I had a break of 1hour and each day i went to a little parc with games and with a incredible view of Wycombe! I think my favorite moment in the placement was in the afternoon when i was behind the checkout with Nadeem because he was very interesting and very funny so i talked a lot with him. The last day of my placement they gave me some presents like chocolate it was very nice!


  • My stay in the family

    Par Nathan GEZ, publié le jeudi 18 mai 2017 23:25 - Mis à jour le jeudi 18 mai 2017 23:25

    Sam's family was composed of Shola the mother, Tom the father, Esther the sister and Michael the cousin. The family live in a small house in Slough. The house was quite little but it was a lovely house and i passed a great stay there. Shola and Michael were very interested about me and i talked a lot with them every day about me and also about them. I talked a lot about football and basketball with Michael. With Shola i talked about my life in France and about my family. Tom was'nt often at home so i haven't talk a lot with him but he was very nice with him and Esther the sister was very shy so she was all time in her bedroom. During this travel i tried a new kind of food, Nigerian food. The parents of Sam are Nigerian so i ate a lot of nigerian food. Shola was worried about my opinion on her food but she is a very good cooker and i loved her food. One time she cooked me sausages with fried bananas it was excellent. The thing who surprised me was the fact that the all family was really religious and all evening Shola prayed in her bedroom.I really enjoyed my stay in this family.

  • First day in England

    Par Nathan GEZ, publié le jeudi 18 mai 2017 22:17 - Mis à jour le jeudi 18 mai 2017 22:27

    In the morning of the 3rd March 2017 we landed in Heathrow airport after two hours of flight. It was a good flight, and we laughed a lot with Noe Pierre Lucille and the others french people. We were very happy to be in England. We met our exchanges in the afternoon at their school. I was really happy to see Sam my exchange again. His father drove us to their house, i was surprised because the travel was very long about 30mins with car and i sam told me that every morning he has 2 hours of bus to be at school. Sam and his family live on a little house in Slough. In the afternoon i was alone with Sam at the house and i talked a lot with him about his family and his life. In the evening the mother the father the sister and the cousin of Sam were at the house. They were really nice with me. We ate a great meal with chicken and rice and after we played video games with Sam and his cousin Michael before go to bed and sleep.

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