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Par Laura-Ioana TANAPublié le 22 mai 2017 à 15:11

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12/03/2017 The end

Par Félix PELLERINPublié le 03 avr. 2017 à 15:00

   Today I've said good bye to the family which have been very kind with me during this week. During the trip I feel very sick but I was just this day so It was a really nice week. Bye England !!!


11/03/2017 Oxford city

Par Félix PELLERINPublié le 03 avr. 2017 à 14:33

   Today, I've been really tired because my cold leave me awake since 3 am. In fact I just got three hours sleep last night. Anyway, I came to the choir with Jethro and I sang with his mates. They were really friendly whith me and so, there was a nice ambiance. Then, we visit the Hell-fire caves wich are cavern where was the location of the Hell-Fire black magic club meeting. After this little visit we went to the city of Oxford where I'd never been before and I really like the style of the houses. There where some wich where pink, others wich where green and others one wich where red.

We saw the courtyard of St John's college whith Jethro and then we went to the Natural History Museum. We saw a lot of skeletons of different animals like dinosaurs, elephants and also, a skeleton of a ancient Roman person. At the end of the visit we wen't to a really old coffee house where we had a tea time break. When we'd finished this little meal, we went to see a nice bridge and we took some photographs during the whole walk because I found some of the buildings of the city just beautiful. We went back to the car to take Jethro's brother to his house. On the way, we've stopped to eat in a nice restaurant but I was so ill that I didn't finish my plate of spaghetti so I was a little worried about the bad impression that I might make. Jethro's brother arrived back home. My cold make me really sick but I stilll keep smiling because I didn't find something better to do.

10/03/2017 The end of this really nice experience

Par Félix PELLERINPublié le 03 avr. 2017 à 13:20

   Today, I've been playing with the olders children because there where only four smaller ones and they had three staff members for them. They where really good with me and, I read them some stories. One of them was a French one about the animals. So, I've taught them how to prononce their French names and there where enjoyed doing it. Also, they where really concentrated on how to prononce them well so, it brought really good results for some of them. At the end of the day when I left them, they gave me a little thank you card. Then it was my turn to thank them because they have been very nice to me during this week. I came back home and I was a little worried to think that this really nice work experience was finished. Then, I went to Jethro's orchestra and I concluded that his orchestra was really better than mine. Never mind, I played the cello part and I quite enjoyed seeing how they really quickly learned the beginning of these new pieces that they where playing. At the end of the evening, we came to a little party where there where only a few of the participants in the exchange. I did really enjoyed it. Then I came to sleep because my cold was really tiring me.

09/03/2017 A great victory

Par Félix PELLERINPublié le 03 avr. 2017 à 13:12

   Today, second day with the little one, I'm very happy about the fact that they have been very nice in the morning, and also about the fact that I was able to stop one of them crying very quickly. I said it's a big victory because the members of the staff told me that with them she was always crying. Then, at te end of this incredible morning, this little one fell asleep in my arms. She was so nice with me that I couldn't imagine her crying all the time. However, I went for my lunch break and when I went back I wansn't able to stop her crying any more so, I was a little bit disappointed.

In the evening we went to collect a painting from one of Jethro's friends in High Wycombe then, we went to find other exchange mates at a bowling alley. Unfortunatly I wasn't really good today.

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