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3rd March 2017: Welcome to England

Par Lucille FERREPublié le 26 mars 2017 à 15:43 ♦ Mis à jour le 18 avr. 2017 à 21:24

After two hours of flight, we landed late in the afternoon in a good mood to start our week in England.

We met our exchanges at their school and we were quite surprised to see them with their uniform. Everybody was happy to be here and with my exchange, Himmat, Nicolas and Rhys, his exchange, we went home to see our house.

Personally, I was surprised when I saw Himmat's house because it looked more like a castle. It was very impressive. At the entrance there were four large marble columns and a huge garden. I discovered my bedroom for the week and it was very big. I met his family after discovering my room: his three sisters, his father, his mother, and his dog. They were very cool with me.

Himmat's mother drove us to an Italian restaurant but it was only 6pm, a bit early for me to eat. After dinner, we joined the other students at a boxing match because one of the exchange's friend was boxing. There were Louise, Nicolas, Eleonore, Pierre, Chloe, Nolwenn and their exchanges. We had a lot of fun together during this evening.


4th March 2017 : Discovering London

Par Nicolas SEGURETPublié le 07 avr. 2017 à 11:15 ♦ Mis à jour le 18 avr. 2017 à 21:21

It's saturday !
Therefore we slept in before eating a real cooked breakfast. Cooked english breakfastIt was a bit strange to eat a salted meal in the morning, but that was good. Indeed, the English cooked breakfast is composed by slices of bacon, eggs or scramble eggs, baked beans, sausages and sometimes mushrooms and tomatos.

Just after breakfast, we had to take the train at Gerrard's Cross station to go to London Marylebone and then take the underground to the city centre. We found that train stations looked old, and reminded in Harry Potter it was funny.

In London, we walked a lot to see the main monument and places like :

- The London Eye

- Big Ben and the houses of parliament

- Westminster Abbey

- Trafalgar square

- The London shard

- Tower Bridge

and many others...

At the end of the afternoon, the English correspondants brought us to a hill where we had a beautiful sight of of all the city centre of London. Unfortunately, there were some clouds and it began to drizzled so we had to go back home..

5th March 2017: day in Windsor

Par Lucille FERREPublié le 12 avr. 2017 à 15:30 ♦ Mis à jour le 18 avr. 2017 à 21:19

We went to Windsor with Eleonore and her exchange. When we arrived at the castle we walked in the old streets where there were small shops selling sweets or clothes. One hour later, we decided to wait for the rest of the group playing mini-golf. Eventhough the weather was not very good, we had a lot of fun together. Nicolas won whereas Eleonore and myself were very bad players... The others joined us to the mini-golf.

 After this "sporty morning",some people went to Mc Donald's but with some of the others, we went to a restaurant whose speciality was hamburgers. Everybody ate a lot. The food was quite spicy but delicious. 

After lunch, we walked for a while and we decided to go back home because the English had a lot of homeworks to do. 

At 8 p.m, Himmat's mother drove us to a dessert restaurant with all the family. 

6th March 2017: first day in Waitrose

Par Lucille FERREPublié le 12 avr. 2017 à 15:58 ♦ Mis à jour le 18 avr. 2017 à 21:19

The first day of work was a bit impressive. We were stressed but excited to know what we were going to do this week.

When we arrived at our workplace, we were very well received. Everyone was very friendly with us and we were reassured. 

We met a manager of the shop who gave us a work book and our uniform for the week. We had to wear a white shirt, an apron, black trousers and a tie for Nicolas. It was very funny to see us in this outfit because we were not used to wear this kind of clothes. After seeing our uniform, tho ey showed us the shop and met with the employees. The shop was really big and we had to remember codes for the doors. They introduced us to the managers, the assistants managers. We also saw the kitchen, the changing rooms... It was very interesting to see where they were working every day. 

During the entire morning, they showed us how they were working. They gave us an electronic key with money for lunch times and breaks, our timetable, our locker...

We also had to see security videos (about fires, hygiene...) 

In the afternoon, we started working on replenishment. Everybody was talking to us. The employees asked us some questions about France, about the sport we were practicing, about the football players we preferred ... This afternoon was very funny and we did a good job. 

5 Days in Waitrose

Par Nicolas SEGURETPublié le 15 avr. 2017 à 12:51 ♦ Mis à jour le 18 avr. 2017 à 21:18

Our placement was in the Waitrose of Gerrard's Cross. Waitrose is a famous shops' company and a John Lewis' Partner. The parents of our correspondants told us that we were lucky to work in Waitrose because it isn't simple to be accepted in this company for a work experience.
As Lucille's correspondant lived near from mine, we could do car sharing for the routes, that was practical.

A tipical day in Waitrose :
In the morning, we had to be ready to work at 9 o'clock,we usually began a day by working on replanishment. We had a pause (tea time) at 10:30 to 11. During this pause, we were able to eat a cooked breakfast or croissant... after the pause, we filled the shelves again or we did operations (we had to check every best before date, throw the products which were outdated and reduce the price of the produts which the best before dates were in the following days) when we finished the task that we had to do, generally around 12:30, we had a 1 hour lunch time. For lunch, we had the choice between five meal cooked by the cook and taking something  at one of the vending machine. The meals were pretty good. After lunch, we generally had to face off the products in the shelves. Then we had to work on replanishement or operations. We also had a pause inthe afternoon from 2:30 pm to 3 pm. After the pause, we hd to finish what we began before and then we had to fill the workbook that Waitrose gave us.

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